TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster officially confirmed that Romania will take part at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Most likely Romania will select their entry through the usual Selecția Națională which turned out to be a real success in the past years. 

Usually Romania was among the last countries to confirm participation but thankfully, this year Romanian fans can relax and start enjoying the Eurovision 2015 Season which will begin pretty soon! was officially relaunched today with a brand new design and ideas for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest Season. is the only website in Romania that provides Eurovision news (about Romania and more) for all international fans around the world. In 2012 and 2013 was nominated the official blog for Selecția Națională releasing exciting news about the artists and the live show! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the forthcoming Eurovision Season and the Romanian National Selection! 

According to TVR's previous rules, any song that is released starting with today, 1 September 2014, is eligible to represent Romania at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Vizi Imre, who participated at Selectia Nationala 2014, announced two weeks ago that he is preparing for Eurovision 2015 with a song called "Best Friend".

Stay tuned on for more news about Selectia Nationala 2015 and Eurovision 2015!
The EM Factor is a special edition organized by the Eurovision Memories Team starting with 2013. Due to some organizing issues, the winner will be announced only today. Plans for organizing the next edition of the EM Factor are already being discussed and news will be revealed pretty soon. Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to finally announce the winner of the EM Factor 2013.

The winner, according to the rules published two weeks ago, will receive a grand final ticket for EM 44 Song Contest, without competing in the Semifinals. Also, EM members had the unique chance to place bets and to predict the winner. Those who managed to predict the winner, will receive the desired prize they had picked from the EM bets prize list.  

A total of 13 juries from 13 different countries picked the winner. And the long waited results are:
  1. Kamilo Erden (Ukraine) - 103 points 
  2. Brittany Ashworth (UK) - 98 points 
  3. Ermin Basaskic (Germany) - 92 points
  4. Razvan Catoiu (Finland) - 85 points  
Full results will be revealed later tonight or tomorrow morning on the EM Factor Website. Congratulations!

Two weeks ago I turned 21 and that freaks me out a lot. Twenty one, that sounds weird! I'm saying that because I felt like 18 yesterday and now I'm a fully responsible adult. For my next adventure, I've set up a few goals...goals that will surely change my life for good. If I don't reach those goals I will just prove to myself that I'm not worthy to have important responsibilities on my shoulders. 

Erasmus, my final thesis and the master's degree are on my priority list but the most important goal is about to start tomorrow. I have exactly two months to achieve good results elsewhere everything will turn out to be a huge failure. I reached a point where I realized that my life, my way of doing things is not right at all. I need improvement, I need to learn new things, to explore, to challenge myself, to prove everyone that yes, I am proud of what I'm doing and the fact that I'm a good and responsible example for everyone! 

I'm trying to support my friends, to explain them that it is OK to do what you like. You need to be in control of your life and of course to do what your heart desires. No one, and I mean NO ONE should be allowed to crush down your dreams, so please, dare to dream, dare to make changes and dare to set up goals that others think you're not capable of. 

See you soon!
Yes, that's right! I applied for an Erasmus Grant three weeks ago and finally the results were published last Monday. I had to choose between France, Spain, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Italy. Of course my final decision was no other than....Portugal
It was a difficult decision because I had to take in account important details, such as the cost of living, distance, university etc. I applied to study Accounting & Auditing one semester at Instituto Superior Miguel Torga or ISMT, a private University situated in the beautiful city of Coimbra. My initial option was Braganca but a colleague that was in Portugal last year, convinced me and my friend to choose Coimbra. 
Portugal is actually a cheap country and probably that was the main thing that influenced my decision. Coimbra is also one of the biggest cities in Portugal and it's near the Ocean so yeah...can't wait till September!  :-)

I will write down my Erasmus experience on my blog and you can find my Erasmus Diary by clicking on the banner. (right side of the blog). 

See you soon! 

Yes people! It is finally time to crown a new winner, a new queen or king of the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite of being disappointed of how the Danes organized the Semifinals, I have to say that I enjoyed almost every performance from all the shows. I still think that Estonia, Moldova, Israel and even Ireland deserved a spot in the Grand Final but yeah, congratulations for Montenegro, San Marino, Malta and Finland for being there. 

I was impressed a lot by the Netherlands, with a simple and captivating performance, they're now favorites to win the whole event tonight. Also, Austria had a big impact on the viewers, dividing them into two different groups: people who love the song & support the artist and people who're against the artist. Sadly, Poland changed some things in their performance but I'm really happy to see them in the Final. Slovenia is one of my personal favorites, I was delighted to see it qualifying and I hope that Tinkara will do a great job tonight and she won't lose control of her vocals as she did in the Semifinal. 

I'm really proud of my country, Paula & Ovi simply made the arena crazy with their perfect performance. Though I have to admit that they had some issues with the cameras but the show was simply stunning! Below you can see the best performances from the Semifinals. 

This year, the winner is unpredictable, which makes everything look more exciting, in eurovision words, we're about to do 'a eurovision 2011', when Azerbaijan surprisingly won the Contest.
Don't miss the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, tonight at 21:00 CET. You can also watch it live on

Have Fun & Enjoy! 

Good evening, Europe!

After two exciting semifinals, it is now time to prepare for the Grand Final, which will start tomorrow at 21:00 CET.  You can download the Grand Final Scorecard here. 

Enjoy and have fun!

Howdy ya'll! It's been a long, very long time since I've written something on my blog. But hey, I'm back with fresh reviews about the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. It's finally that time of the year when I'll be reviewing all the entries and hopefully give a good prediction about their qualification chances in the Grand Final. Let's start with Semifinal 1! 
  1. Armenia - a country that usually does good in Eurovision but sadly, this year, Armenia is EXTREMELY overrated. Don't get me wrong, the song is nice but if it was for me, I would say that the qualification chances should be minimal. The Armenian song has a very boring start and it becomes interesting only after two minutes and, that's it. My prediction is YES, Armenia will qualify, but only because of the overrating on the betting odds. Definitely not a winner! 
  2. Latvia - oh I remember when the Latvian broadcaster released their national final songs. They had PURE golden songs and they've chosen a silly Cake to represent them. The song is decent, Ok, but nothing more. My prediction for Latvia is NO, not a qualifier. Better luck next year! 
  3. Estonia - the Estonian entry is a true masterpiece! Love it! Thanks God, Sandra Nurmsallu didn't won with that dull song. "Amazing" is definitely not a copy of "Euphoria" as many amateurs said and I actually think it will do just fine. I mean not everyone can move and sing like Tanja, not even Loreen. My prediction is 100% YES, fingers crossed for Tallinn next year! 
  4. Sweden - Oh well, a cheesy, crying song but hey, Sanna had to win one day eventually, and she finally did it (even though Ace Wilder was way better). Don't get me wrong, I love it but it has that Svenska music taste in it, something that we hear every year. My prediction is YES, Sweden will qualify! 
  5. Iceland - This song has a great message but totally not for Eurovision. Iceland always does well in Eurovision but this year maybe it's time to stay out of the Final. Not sure what to predict, the song is just ok and the fans don't brag about it that much. Prediction YES, it will qualify, 65% sure. 
  6. Albania - oh dear, what have you done Albania? I'm not a fan of non-english songs, but somehow converting the Albanian song in English simply ruined it. Sounds like a cheap song from the 90's that we accidentally hear at the radio. Nothing special. My prediction: NO, Albania will stay out of the Final this year. 
  7. Russia - I have to say that Russia disappointed me this year. After promising a spectacular National Final in December they ended up sending two girls with a junior eurovision song. The song is Ok, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Probably depends on the mood. My prediction is: YES, Russia will qualify. We're talking about Russia here, just to point that out. 
  8. Azerbaijan - Damn! I was expecting something huge from Azerbaijan this year but they ended up sending a plat ballad that simply doesn't emanate any feelings at all. No, this song totally doesn't deserve to qualify but as I said before about Russia, it's Azerbaijan! It will qualify but definitely not win, unless they will buy votes again (which I'm sure they will). My prediction is: YES. 
  9. Ukraine - yeah! Ukraine was in my top since their National Final ended. That girl really knows what she's doing on stage and the song is a pure masterpiece. I loved all three versions of it, somehow the 2nd one is still stuck in my head but I love it anyhow. Definitely YES, Ukraine will qualify! 
  10. Belgium - oh mother! This guy has stunning vocals and the song has that weird sadness feeling or maybe I'm far to separated from my mother. Anyway, the judges will love it but not sure if the public will do the same. I can't see it through though. My prediction is NO, though I might be wrong here! 
  11. Moldova - Hell Yeah baby! The drama lady with a marvelous song. Absolutely love it. The show will be spectacular, I'm sure! So there's no reason to believe that this song won't qualify. My prediction is totally YES, we have a finalist here! Moldova never disappoints! 
  12. San Marino - I made a joke on twitter yesterday: imagine a crazy world where the doctor, priest, lawyer and the ESC artist are in fact one person only: Valentina Monetta, that crazy, must visit place, is San Marino. Sending Valentina once again is probably viewed by everyone as a joke. Maybe the judges will have pity and we'll see Valetina in the Final or Maybe she will make another comeback next year. Who knows... "Maybe" is an average song, something from the 70's. Definitely not a qualifier. Prediction: NO! 
  13. Portugal - Dios mio! She's a naughty kitty, don't know why I said that (go away, dirty thoughts). Quero Ser Tua is a typical lambada song which unfairly won over Catarina's Mea Culpa, something that I won't easily forget. The girl can barely sing and let's be honest, the song doesn't stand a chance in qualifying. My prediction is: NO, pick Catarina internally next year, Portugal! 
  14. Netherlands - My first impression (which always seems to be the correct one) was not good. After a few more listenings, the dutch song grew on me a lot. Totally not a song for Eurovision but I love the country feeling. It's a great song and I wouldn't mind see it in the Final this year. The judges will surely vote for it but the public will barely notice it. My prediction is YES, 25% sure. Fingers crossed! 
  15. Montenegro - Finally a DECENT song from Montenegro. Finally the desire to qualify appeared! The song sounds great in English, sadly it will be perform in Montenegrin. My prediction is NO, but anything can happen! 
  16. Hungary - One word for this song, actually two: Brilliant Masterpiece! We might deal with the actual winner of the event here. Great vocals, great song, great message and great show - it has all the ingredients to be a potential winner. My prediction, with no doubt, is totally YES, a qualifier! 
Well that was it! Thank you for reading my review of the 1st Semifinal. I strongly believe that Estonia, Hungary, Sweden, Russia and Azerbaijan will qualify but I usually get two or three wrong, so I can't wait for the actual event to arrive.  Only two weeks left until Semifinal 1! Follow me on Facebook here and on Twitter here. Don't miss my review of the 2nd Semifinal, coming up next weekend!
André Vermeulen
André Vermeulen, learnt yesterday that he would not be returning to commentate for VRT at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. The Het Journaal reporter who has covered the Eurovision Song Contest for the Dutch speaking region of Belgium, was reportedly disappointed but not surprised.

Vermeulen first commentated on the Contest back in 1991, when it was held in Rome, he would continue this role for another 22 years, only missing one contest in 1996 for unknown reasons.  He has since gained the name in Belgium as "Professor Eurosong".  Since 2010, he has commentated on the contest live from Brussels due a cut back VRT made.

However it is not the end of the road for Vermeulen and Eurovision, he will report news coverage from the Contest during the weeks leading up to Eurovision. His replacement were announced yesterday: Peter Van de Veire and Eva Daeleman who also hosted the Eurosong final this year. 

Written by: Luke Davies (United Kingdom)